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CEO of manufacturer for chemical deposition industries - Bubblers, Cylinders, Reactors, Ampoules

PFL is led by CEO David Diamond, a veteran of both entrepreneurial and large corporations in a wide variety of industries.  David has a BSME from The Pennsylvania State University, and a BSEE/MSEE from Monmouth University.  David also holds an MBA/Master of Science in the Management of Technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a mentor in MIT’s Venture Mentoring Service.  David’s early career was in the DoD working with Electronic Warfare, Reconnaissance Surveillance and Target Acquisition EW/RSTA and C4SIR.  Subsequently David led and sold a portion of an optical products company (MicroE Def & Aero), led activities that formed Verizon’s Technology Group, founded a communications company (Amperion), purchased

and ran a retail software company (Rockblocks/Arigo), and helped spin an automotive technology company out of MIT where he was VP of Business Development (Levant Power/Clearmotion).  Presently David leads a team of talented engineers, machinists and technicians in developing the next generation of systems, vessels and sensors for tomorrow’s semiconductor and electronics industry.  

Eric Yukon, Production Manager

Eric Yukon has been with PFL for nearly two decades and brings a broad range of skills spanning all of PFL's manufacturing functions.  A skilled welder, Eric trains PFL's new recruits and ensures that production is to the highest standards in the industry.

Tammy Wright
Business Manager

Tammy has extensive experience in the retail industry having worked with the Patriots' organization for over 25 years and manages PFL's Accounts, AR, AP, HR and Customer Service functions.  

Bill Bartkowski

Chief Engineer

Bill has decades of tool and die experience and has supported designs in the semiconductor, MOCVD and ALD field for 10 years.  Bill also creates fixtures, jigs and automation equipment to improve product quality, reliability and to diminish dimensional variability.

Stacy Trosper

Quality Manager

Stacy manages PFL's quality assurance and continuous improvement efforts.  Stacy's background includes roles in machining and forestry and she brings a keen intellect and a love of mathematics to bear on her responsibilities.  

Meet The Team

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