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Bubbler Cylinder


Precision Fabricators Bubblers ensure:


  1. Stable, Uniform Delivery of Material

  2. Complete Cylinder Evacuation - Less Waste

  3. Complete Carrier-Gas Saturation - High Concentration 

  4. Consistent Vapor Pressure - Constant Delivery Rate Until Depletion

  5. Designs Responsive to Temperature and Carrier-Gas Flow Changes

Manual Valves splayed 30 degrees

Stock Bubbler Cylinders

1/2" Male VCR Fillport

Satin Finish

Pent top design standard

Flat top and domed are other options

Vertical Valves

1/4" Male VCR Glands

Cylinder Diameter

Proudly using fittings and stainless steel components from:
  • Swagelok
  • Gasflo
  • Ham-Let
  • AP-Tech
  • Fujiken
  • Kitz
Bubbler Cylinder Specifications
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