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- DOT4B, 4BW, 4BA

- CF, KF and Bolt-top Non-DOT

- Condensing and Seal Pots

- UN Pressure, Vacuum and ASME Vessels

- MOCVD and ALD Ampoules

- Industry Standard Designs: Arradiance*, ASM*, Praxair*, SAFC*, Strem*, Dow*, Picosun*, many others

- Vacuum

- ALD Chamber

- VCR Funnels

- Glovebox Components & - TMA Filling Station

- 55 Gallon Bung Adapters (316L)

- Lock-Out-Tag-Out Adapters for Swagelok, Gasflo and others

*Designs are owned by and proprietary to PFL

 DOT4B, 4BW, 4BA Cylinders - UN Pressure, Vacuum and ASME Vessels Manufacturer in USA
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