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Parr Vessel Alternative


Reactions / Reactor



High Purity Gases

VersaCyl™ is a range of trademarked, high performance calorimeter vessels, reactors and pressure vessels designed to accelerate operations, manage costs, and enhance safety. VersaCyl uses a simple screw lid with integrated pressure relief to prevent a sudden or violent disengagement of the lid during removal. VersaCyl requires no training, no special tools, and low force to open and close, yet can be built to withstand significant pressures (presently up to 9,500 psi) and both cryogenic and high temperature extremes. VersaCyl is well suited to a broad range of applications ranging from R&D to manufacturing production and in many cases is a more flexible and lower cost alternative to Parr™ reactors and pressure vessels.


Safety: The threaded design of VersaCyl allows lids and fittings to be removed safely without the risk of sudden release. During lid removal, an integrated pressure relief channel ensures that pressure is equalized prior to thread disengagement.


Seals: The primary seal uses an o-ring which is positioned to minimize dead volume in the cylinder, and secondary fittings use an "ultra-seal" configuration to assure that the sanitary design is maintained. Importantly, the cylinder can be autoclaved for cleaning and sanitizing.


Finish: The standard finish of VersaCyl consists of 20 Ra 316L stainless (polished and electro-polished). Lower Ra values are available, down to mirror finish. Non-standard materials such as Inconel® and Hastelloy®, and coated configurations (Teflon®, Kynar®, etc) are also available.


Ratings: VersaCyl™ is rated (in its standard form) to 500 psig @ 325 °F (162 °C) and may also be used in cryogenic applications to -300 °F (-184 °C). Additionally, VersaCyl™ can support oscillations between full pressure and full vacuum with no leaks – guaranteed.


Sizes: Standard sizes include OD of 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", and 4" with 3 choices of standard lengths. Volumes range from 9.74 ml to 1513 ml. Custom sizes are available in an expanded range of diameters and cylinder lengths (up to 20 ft in length). Double-ended enclosures are also available.

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