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Pressure Vessels - DOT Cylinders - Bubblers Design and Engineering services
 Design and Engineering

Custom Engineering

3D Drawing Services

3D Printing


Fleet Management

Drawing Libraries

Hundreds of off-the-shelf Designs

Engineering Change Control



Pressure Vessels - DOT Cylinders - Bubblers Manufacturing - Prototyping
Machining, Welding and Prototyping

Volume Manufacturing, Prototype Manufacturing, Mass Customization

Stainless Steel

Plastics and Polymers

Aluminum and exotic materials

High speed welding - full penetration, smooth bead, narrow heat affected zone, 100x faster than std TIG, exceptional finish


Class 100 & 10,000 Cleanrooms
Vessel Cleaning and Conditioning

Chemical Cleaning - hazmat materials

Sanitary and high purity cleaning

Clean and Ready-to-Fill Cylinders

Cylinder drying to 100ppb

UHP Nitrogen drying and oven bakeout



Orbital Welding

Advanced Lasermarking

AMPR Technologies


Pressure Vessels - DOT Cylinders - Bubblers Cleaning - Conditioning
Cylinder recertification - modification and repair

DOT4B, 3A, 3E





Cylinder modification and repair


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