PFL is changing phone service providers.  There may be difficulty in reaching employees during the transition period in June.  Please use email or call the main number for service or attention.


Full 3D modeling capability - Solidworks

Full 5 axis machining - Camworks

CNC lathes, CNC mills, Advanced CNC mill/turn, waterjet cutting, laser cutting

Prototyping, custom and production runs

Welding:  MIG, TIG, Tip TIG, Robotic TIG, Orbital Polishing:  mechanical, semi-auto, EP

Pressure & Vacuum Cylinders

UN Pressure vessels, UN1A1, DOT 4B cylinders and bubblers

PFL offers Bolt-top and welded cylinders for ASM, Applied Materials, LAM, TEL, Beneq, Picosun, Arradiance, Veeco and other tools:  5 Valve stack, 2 valve, 3 valve, custom

- Industry Standard cylinders

- Solid material sublimators

- 25cc to 100L + Sample cylinders

- 5 gallon, 10 gallon (19L, 33L) UN1A1 bulk vessels

- Class 100 and class 10,000 cleanrooms

- Cold trap, vacuum and nitrogen drying

- Citric acid passivation, electropolishing, alkaline rinsing

- High speed, full penetration, X-ray quality welding

- Design, Prototype, Manufacture, Repair, Recertify, Clean

- Ultrasonic & optical level sensors (optical sensor avail Q322) - Heating jackets - Custom Evaporators

- UN Drop Tests and Certification

- Lasermarking and 3D printing


PFL announces advanced, aerospace-quality, high speed welding services, up to 24" diameter! Inquire for details.

Services:  PFL offers in-house and on-site machining and welding services for stainless steel components.  We can hold precision to .0005" and offer welding for linear/seam welds and circumferential components up to 24" in diameter, and between 0.020" and 1" thick.  An additional welding capability, Roboti-weld has debuted and offers unmatched consistency and precision.  

InternaWeld™ exclusive to PFL, enables the construction and repair of close tolerance components, particularly VCR glands for canisters, bubblers, cylinders and other semiconductor processing equipment. This USA-developed technology delivers a SEMI-compliant, fully penetrated weld on stainless steel alloys, delivered from the inside of the part.   InternaWeld™ permits the refurbishment and recertification of otherwise unredeemable equipment.

PFL is represented at Semicon China, Semicon Japan, ALD International, CS International, Semicon West & other major venues


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Career Opportunities:  Seeking...

  • Office Manager

  • Production Manager/Leader

  • Facilities Maintenance

  • Polisher / Laborer

  • Cleanroom technicians

  • Welder

  • Lead CNC Machinist - Top pay!

  • Production Assistants

Business Operations

Bill Caldwell, 858-675-8274            San Diego, Shanghai + Tokyo

Yoshi Kuroiwa, +81 474 59 0161    Tokyo

Ryan Seo, +82 10-5779-8222          Seoul Korea

David Ng, +65 6483 3386 Ext 109   Singapore

cylinder level sensors - Sensaras
Sensor partner
Multipoint Sensors
Continuous Sensors
Built In Level Sensors (BILS)
Process Partner
Adaptive Compensators YG15 and YG30
Process Control
Solid Material Optimization

Advanced capabilities

New Mill/Turn CNC
Advanced automated welding
Automated polishing

Product Mix

PFL Product Mix 2016

ISO Registered and Certified

Pressure Vessels - DOT Cylinders - Bubblers  -TUV SUD ISO 9001

Download PDF Here

US Made - Bubbler and DOT cylinders, UN pressure vessels. Chemical Vapor and Atomic Layer Deposition
DOT 4B Cylinders / UN Vessels and UN Pressure vessels along with UN1A1, DOT cylinders and bubblers


Sensaras Affiliate

Download ISO Certificate Here

PFL  1 781 341 7242