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Full 3D modeling capability - Solidworks

Full 5 axis machining - Camworks

CNC lathes, CNC mills, Advanced CNC mill/turn, waterjet cutting, laser cutting

Prototyping, custom and production runs

Welding:  MIG, TIG, Tip TIG, Robotic TIG, Orbital Polishing:  mechanical, semi-auto, EP

Pressure & Vacuum Cylinders

UN Pressure vessels, UN1A1, DOT 4B cylinders and bubblers

PFL offers Bolt-top and welded cylinders for ASM, Applied Materials, LAM, TEL, Beneq, Picosun, Arradiance, Veeco and other tools:  5 Valve stack, 2 valve, 3 valve, custom

- Industry Standard cylinders

- Solid material sublimators

- 25cc to 100L + Sample cylinders

- 5 gallon, 10 gallon (19L, 33L) UN1A1 bulk vessels

- Class 100 and class 10,000 cleanrooms

- Cold trap, vacuum and nitrogen drying

- Citric acid passivation, electropolishing, alkaline rinsing

- High speed, full penetration, X-ray quality welding

- Design, Prototype, Manufacture, Repair, Recertify, Clean

- Ultrasonic & optical level sensors (optical sensor avail Q322) - Heating jackets - Custom Evaporators

- UN Drop Tests and Certification

- Lasermarking and 3D printing


PFL announces advanced, aerospace-quality, high speed welding services, up to 24" diameter! Inquire for details.

Services:  PFL offers in-house and on-site machining and welding services for stainless steel components.  We can hold precision to .0005" and offer welding for linear/seam welds and circumferential components up to 24" in diameter, and between 0.020" and 1" thick.  An additional welding capability, Roboti-weld has debuted and offers unmatched consistency and precision.  

InternaWeld™ exclusive to PFL, enables the construction and repair of close tolerance components, particularly VCR glands for canisters, bubblers, cylinders and other semiconductor processing equipment. This USA-developed technology delivers a SEMI-compliant, fully penetrated weld on stainless steel alloys, delivered from the inside of the part.   InternaWeld™ permits the refurbishment and recertification of otherwise unredeemable equipment.

PFL is represented at Semicon China, Semicon Japan, ALD International, CS International, Semicon West & other major venues


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Career Opportunities:  Seeking...

  • Polisher / Laborer

  • Cleanroom technicians

  • Welders

  • Production Assistants

Business Operations

Bill Caldwell, 858-675-8274            San Diego, Shanghai + Tokyo

Yoshi Kuroiwa, +81 474 59 0161    Tokyo

Ryan Seo, +82 10-5779-8222          Seoul Korea

David Ng, +65 6483 3386 Ext 109   Singapore

cylinder level sensors - Sensaras
Sensor partner
Multipoint Sensors
Continuous Sensors
Built In Level Sensors (BILS)
Process Partner
Adaptive Compensators YG15 and YG30
Process Control
Solid Material Optimization

Advanced capabilities

New Mill/Turn CNC
Advanced automated welding
Automated polishing

Product Mix

PFL Product Mix 2016

ISO Registered and Certified

Pressure Vessels - DOT Cylinders - Bubblers  -TUV SUD ISO 9001

Download PDF Here

US Made - Bubbler and DOT cylinders, UN pressure vessels. Chemical Vapor and Atomic Layer Deposition
DOT 4B Cylinders / UN Vessels and UN Pressure vessels along with UN1A1, DOT cylinders and bubblers


Sensaras Affiliate

Download ISO Certificate Here

PFL  1 781 341 7242


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